Blog 16 !


For my composition 1, everything is going okay. My biggest struggle is trying not to be repetitive, which is really hard. I want to get my educational transformation point across without forcing what I’m trying to say or accidentally having my tone sound nonacademic. I don’t want to change my mind on revising this composition, because I know I can come across stronger, especially now since I’ve gotten feedback from my professor and have also learned different strategies in writing. As far as my 3rd composition, It really hasn’t been that difficult, because newsletters are as hard as I thought they would be, when I stopped thinking about it as much. I know I have to put more depth into my response and into my made-up anonymous writer. But I also have been thinking about revising the composition that we’ve just finished because I really enjoy the topic, even though it was somewhat difficult. Depending on my feedback for that composition, I just might take my time and revise that composition as well.


Blog 15

My revision game plan for my composition 3, is to really go into depth on my topic. I realized that I was to brief and lacked detail in my responses. I was too focused on the appearance of my newsletter, rather than the actual text. For my composition 1, I feel as though I can be a bit stronger, now that I’ve learned more about writing academic essays. I have to keep my tone more academic, instead of my tone sounding to kiddish or too friendly. I plan on attempting to work on my compisition revisions over the thanksgiving break .

Blog 14

For my portfolio, I’m considering revising my composition 3 and my composition 1. I want to work on these two because I believe I can work harder and be stronger in both of those compositions. For comp 1, I know I can rewrite my essay so that my tone stays academic and for my composition 3, I can make sure my focus on nature vs nurture and my response is stronger and more into detail. Depending on how I do while revising my comp 4, I just might do that one too since I really like the topic, but finding the research for it, is very difficult.

Blog 13

The new research I am finding Is about a gene that some doctors believe is the “Gay Gene” and I had no idea about it. It’s making addressing my side a little harder because I believe homosexuality is a choice and not genetics. I can still use information that I’ve gotten already, but a lot of it is really opinionated information. I just have to do a little bit more research than I thought. I’m actually kind of excited and nervous while writing this paper, because even though it is a very controversial topic, trying to get people to understand where you’re coming from when they’re convinced by the opposing side, is very difficult and frustrating .

Blog 12

In blog 11, I wasn’t too focused on the opposing side of my paper, I actually wasn’t concerned with the opposing side at all. But after discussing my topic in class I realized that I couldn’t write a paper on the topic I have without addressing the opposite side. Since my topic is Homosexuality in the Nature vs. Nurture argument, any reader would read my paper and think “But” such and such. I have the structure that would do my paper my essay justice, but I’ve come to realize that more people and research is against me, rather than for me. Even though it’s hard to find research, it isn’t impossible.

Blog 11

My argument in my composition 4, is that people are not born gay and that your sexuality is something you develop over time. Also that Homosexuality is something that comes from environmental influences. My audience is anyone who takes interest in the topic, preferably older people who can understand the topic a little more. This is different from my composition 3, because in my comp 3 I acted a little more bias towards the side of the debate that I agreed with. In my comp 4, I will be stating my claim but also considering the opposing side.

Blog 10

In my composition I am doing something completely different than what I first thought of. My classmates and instructor gave me a real good idea about doing an newspaper article and an “Ask Niyy” column. I plan on looking at newspapers and ask columns to get some ideas on how to make it look real. I plan on interviewing some people as well, to have their responses on my ask column in my newspaper article.

Blog 9

My biggest concerns with my comp 3 and 4 are figuring out what I want to do, but I think i narrowed it down .Okay so I finally decided on a topic and its on the Nature vs Nurture debate. Because its a very debatable topic, I wanted to narrow it down to racism. My question is ” Are you born racists” and I want to lean toward you being Nurtured into becoming racists rather than it being your nature, if that makes sense. I feel as though  I wont have too much trouble writing the paper, but then again I could be wrong. I also thought about doing Intelligence, are you born a genius or intelligent ? or are there things to help you get to that point? I should’ve gone in class today when we were workshoping to help me out but I hesitate for some reason. My comp 3, I have no idea as to what I’m going to do, by Friday I might have some idea and then just ask my classmates for feedback or ideas.

Blog 8

Unfortunately, I haven’t done any research because I still haven’t found a topic to do my composition 3 on that actually interests me. When I finally decide on a topic, I feel like most of my information will come from videos or news articles for some reason, but I could be wrong since I haven’t chosen exactly what I want to do. I’m still researching topics that somewhat seem to spark my interests.

Composition 3

I’m not quiet sure what topic I want to do. I’m debating on doing racial profiling, the justice system, euthanasia or something like that, I’m really not sure. I had a topic in mind when we first got the assignment, but then I lost the idea. I’m probably going to do research to finally narrow it down to what I want to do.